My family is from Dakar,Senegal ,Senegal is on the west coast of Africa.Our native language is Wolof,but half of the population also speaks french because we were colonized by France.Depending on the tribe you are from you sometimes speak a different language ,but will most likely still speak wolof .THe Jollof people speak wolof ,if you are Fulani you speak pular.Some of the tribes like Dialo(Jola),Mandinka(mandingo)and Sere have their own language but still speak wolof .What tribe you are depends on you last name.My dad’s last name is Diouf(joof) so we are Sere but we do not speak Sere we speak Wolof .My mother last name is fall so she is just a Jollof .

Now we go into religion 92% of Senegal’s population is muslim,They have such a strong faith in senegal.When its time to pray the mosque says the Athan and everyone gets up to pray.Sometimes everyone goes to the mosque to pray.On muslim holidays everyone gets together and Celebrate.That’s why it’s not the same being here and being back home.

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